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Hon. Damilare Bello: A Pioneering Leader Putting Round Peg In The Round Hole To Prioritize His Constituent’s Demands — Prince Lahbash



The Director of finance, Sagamu Youth Association, Comrade Bashiru Hammed Adewale has congratulated the honourable representing his Constituency, Sagamu 1, at the Ogun State House of Assembly, Hon. Damilare Muhammed Bello (Dre) on his recent appointment as Chairman, house committee on public accounts and anti-corruption and also, the Vice Chairman, house committee on youth and sports.

The founder and publisher of The Eaglesforesight, popularly known as Honourable Prince Lahbash, representing the Youth Constituency as the Director of finance to Sagamu Youth Association has commended the good start of Omooba Damilare Bello Muhammed.

Honourable Damilare Muhammad Bello is the one representing Offin, Sagamu 1 State Constituency at the 10th Ogun State House of Assembly.

In a congratulatory messages extended to also commend and wish Hon. Dre a successful tenure, Lahbash described the appointments of his Constituency representative as “not only well-deserved but also a testament to Hon. Dre Bello’s dedication and commitment”.

Eaglesforesight recalled, that on Thursday, the 10th legislative session of the Ogun State House of Assembly had constituted the various Standing Committees to handle its legislative business for the session; this saw the Speaker, Rt. Hon. Olakunle Oluomo announcing the composition of the committees including Public Accounts and Anti-Corruption Committee to be chaired by Hon. Damilare Bello and had Hon. Musefiu Lamidi as Vice. Also, the Youth and Sports committee had Hon. Wasiu Ayodele as Chairman, to be deputised by Hon. Damilare Bello.

“Sagamu Constituency 1 has been grappling with numerous challenges, particularly the people of Ogijo area of the Constituency in times of bad road among many other challenges.”

However, “amidst a lot of adversities, Omooba Damilare Bello emerged as a beacon of hope and a model of dynamic leadership immediately he was elected as the representative of Sagamu Constituency 1.”

Hon. Dre proactive and sensitive approach to addressing the needs of the people has earned him widespread acclaim as the best Assembly member opposition has ever produced in the Local Government so far.

I have delved into the various facets of Omooba Damilare Bello before and compare to when he was elected. Highlighting his unwavering commitment to ensuring his people feels the impact of the government, the best to do is to commend and encourage him to keep doing more without fretting.

Villamond Investment: Crown Ville Estate

Villamond Investment: Crown Ville Estate


We all know it is a load on state government, however we shouldn’t because of that forget to bring our problems and solutions to the table of the Government. This is what Hon. Dre did at the floor of the house when he mentioned the stae of the roads, such as; Sagamu-Ogijo road which has come under the spotlight once again, and, but this time around, not for the good due to the driving rain.

He ensure Emuren-Igbolo road is mentioned and that will definitely compliment the efforts of Hon. Adewunmi Oriyomi Onanuga Ijaya, the Member House of Representatives, representing Remo Federal Constituency.

The road which is in ugly sight among many other places in Sagamu community, its being a sorry state for the road users who ply these roads on a daily basis.

Almost all the Sagamu township roads are in deplorable condition.

The poor state of the rural roads should no longer be neglected. It is time to give rural roads the needed facelift and make them accessible, Dre emphasized.

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Sagamu to Ikenne Road, Ayepe road where the Community Local Government is sited which has been abandoned for many years requires government intervention. Additionally, Ode Lemo road was initiated by previous administration was also prioritized in Omooba Damilare plans as been presented at the floor of the Assembly.

For too long, Sagamu Local government Area, nikk Constituency 1 have been underfunded as a matter of developmental project — despite being centers of commerce and industry. This particular local government also contributes big to the state government in term of internal government revenue and we have got many more investors willing to chip in. The bigger the size of our development in Sagamu community the larger the opportunity it’d creates for the state economy.

Revolutionizing Education:

Recognizing that education is the bedrock of societal development, Hon. Dre has prioritized substantial investments in education within his capacity.

One could recollect, when his attention was called to Sagamu LG school, sabo Sagamu, he quickly provide palliatives to cushion the effects of the people’s complaints in the school.

It is globally accepted that education is the bedrock of any well-meaning nation, and should be pursued with all vigour and sense of seriousness towards stimulating growth and development. In the same vein, it is also true that objective cannot be met where there is pervasive infrastructural decay in our educational sector.

No wonder, that Omooba Dre include and mentioned to the house the importance of teachers in Ogun state and why they deserve decent working conditions and pay.

The students are also not excluded. As Dre said, It’s unnecessary to debate whether all public school students benefitted from government intervention so far.

Let us not be distracted by what they say but what we see, which is to ensure we visit both primary and secondary schools centres to locate their needs. Let us stand together for what we know is right, Dre in his speech.

Prioritizing Health Institution:

Health is truly wealth if we improve access to effective and efficient healthcare services for all.

Dre couldn’t shame away from telling Mr Speaker, that as matter of urgency; public importance should be placed on issues relating to scanty of primary healthcare centres in some areas of the state.

Villamond Investment: Crown Ville Estate

Villamond Investment: Crown Ville Estate

Someone who remembered to remind Mr. Speaker, that every ward in Ogun state deserves a well-equipped public health center for effective medical attention of the residents.

He further brings it to the notice of the house that we have some wards that are big enough to have two or more healthcare centers due to distance.

In conclusion, Omooba Damilare Bello Muhammed has been marked by his Constituents as a genuine commitment to the welfare of his people.

Dre unwavering dedication to ensures he prioritize his people demands has earned him widespread admiration by all.

Indeed Honourable Damilare was Bello stands as a shinning example of a transformative leader, tirelessly working towards the betterment of his people and the advancement of Sagamu Constituency 1 and Ogun state as a whole.

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