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Happie Boys Journey From Security Guards To Prisoners



When Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere of Omega Power Ministries sponsored the Happie Boys’ scholarship to Cyprus, it was met with enthusiasm and hope.

His act of generosity aimed to uplift two security guards, Matthew Precious Kelechi and Amakor Johnson, who previously worked at Chicken Republic.

The Eaglesforesight gathered that their apparent dismissal from the fast-food chain in 2022 (which was denied by the company) gained widespread attention after a video surfaced online.

In the video, the two guards, in uniform, showcased their dancing prowess while on duty, capturing the hearts of many Nigerians on social media.

This viral clip drew a mixed response, with some Nigerians publicly offering to secure new employment for the seemingly dismissed guards. Others felt that Chicken Republic missed an opportunity to promote its brand through the video.

However, Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere’s intervention took their lives in a different direction by providing scholarships for them to study in Cyprus, alongside their manager, Collins.

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Fast forward to June 2023, the Happie Boys took to social media to accuse their sponsor of suspending the payment of their educational fees in Cyprus after granting them scholarships.

This revelation raised questions about their lavish lifestyle in Cyprus and their newly found venture into skit-making.

Criticisms emerged, pointing to ingratitude on the part of the Happie Boys and questioning the Apostle’s choice to reward bad behaviour that may have led to their initial dismissal at Chicken Republic.

Tensions escalated when the pastor allegedly expressed anger by cursing the Happie Boys.

Later, he expressed forgiveness and offered to provide them with scholarships to continue their education, either in Nigeria, Ghana, or the Benin Republic, with secured return tickets.

The Happie Boys, appreciative of the support offered by the Apostle, declared their decision to remain in Cyprus for their studies rather than return to Nigeria.

Fast forward to October 2023, the Happie Boys now face legal consequences for their actions in Cyprus.

Although the exact reasons for their arrest remain undisclosed, the situation marks their separation from the clergyman.

Despite their past actions, Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere has chosen to extend an olive branch to the Happie Boys, recognising his role in supporting their education in Cyprus.

The OPM pastor has directed his legal team to secure their release from prison.

While the specifics of their crime remain unconfirmed, the actions of Apostle Chibuzor highlight his capacity for forgiveness and empathy.

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