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Few Most Important Things To Carefully Do When Travelling To Another Country By Lahbash




Travelling can be a thrilling and enriching experience, but it’s essential to avoid common mistakes that can turn your trip into a challenging ordeal.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveller, a first-timer embarking on your first adventure or just relocating, these tips will help ensure your journey is enjoyable and hassle-free;

1. Avoid overpacking

A heavy suitcase can lead to discomfort and unnecessary expenses. Start with a carry-on bag and choose versatile clothing to mix and match. Indeed, I understand your desire to be thrifty and not splurge on clothes and items, especially given the current economic situation, but it’s worth noting that many essential items are more budget-friendly at your travel destination.

Also, factoring in the cost of paying for extra luggage can be frustrating and hurt your pocket.

2. Avoid napping on arrival

Fight jet lag by staying awake until your destination’s bedtime on the first day, and get some sun exposure to adapt. It might be tempting to sleep immediately after arrival but fight the urge!

Napping can worsen your jet lag and make it harder to recover from changes in time zone.

3. Read your travel insurance policy

Understand the terms and coverage of your travel insurance policy, ensuring you’re well-prepared for any unexpected situations.

4. Check weather forecast

Stay prepared by regularly checking the weather forecast, adjusting your plans, and packing accordingly. This can also help to reduce excess luggage when you pack for the trip.

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5. Pack more food items than clothing items

As Nigerians, we find it difficult to adjust our taste buds to other foreign countries. It’s advisable to pack food items that are durable wherever you’re going.

6. Have a phone plan

Check your cell phone plan’s international coverage and consider buying a local SIM card for data while abroad. It would be upsetting to find out you can’t reach those back home when you have arrived at your destination.

7. Get in touch with your bank

Inform your bank about your travel plans to avoid potential card issues and to keep your finances in order. No one likes to hear stories that touch when it comes to finances in a foreign land.

8. Carefully book flight connections

Allocate a minimum of two hours between connecting flights to account for potential delays and reduce travel stress.

Tight connections can save you time, especially if you’re confident in your ability to navigate the airport quickly. It minimises layover time and gets you to your final destination faster.

9. Check your visa

Check visa requirements, application deadlines, and ensure accurate information to prevent any travel disruptions.

10. Currency exchange choices

Avoid high exchange fees at airports by researching other options like local banks or currency exchange shops.

11. Limit social media usage

Don’t miss out on the moment by oversharing on social media. Protect your privacy and enjoy the experience. Even though you may need to take a few pictures for memories, don’t let that be the only reason you travel, forgetting you came for relaxation or whatever the occasion is.

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