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Correctional Service Admits, Nigerian Prisons Spend More on Dog Food Than Prisoner Meals



The Nigerian Correctional Service (NCS) has made the shocking admission that dogs guarding prisons receive a higher daily food allocation than inmates.

This revelation came during a joint National Assembly Committee on Interior hearing, where Controller General of the NCS, Haliru Nababa, disclosed that the service spends N800 per day to feed each dog, while inmates only receive N750.

He said he has written the Minister of Interior requesting for the review of the amount they are using to feed the inmates from N750 per day to N3, 000 per day but they are still waiting for approval.

“We are therefore seeking the assistance of the National Assembly to approve the increment.

“We have made provision for the feeding of inmates, dogs and staff on training in six training institutions across the country. The money is grossly inadequate,” the NCS boss said.

According to him, the total number of the inmates in 2023 is 81, 354 nationwide while 53, 352 are awaiting trial.

“The budget for feeding each of them is N751 per day at N250 per meal, per inmate,” the CG said, explaining that the feeding allowance per day would be reduced to N720 after the reduction of VAT and tax.

The Chairman of the joint committee, Adams Oshiomhole, wondered how the authorities of the NCS managed to feed the inmates with such paltry sum going by the market price.

He said 53, 352 or more are not convicted yet, they are awaiting trial.

“They are not guilty of any offence known to law. They are innocent under our laws. For an innocent Nigerian who is being held in a correctional home N250 per meal is grossly inadequate. I wonder what you are feeding them with. They are obviously underfed.

“The Minister of Interior said yesterday that the NCS rather than being correctional is dehumanising. I am surprised that the 2024 budget is still based on old figures. I am surprised the CG cannot, based on the market forces, present before us, the realistic amount that could feed an innocent Nigerians who has not been pronounced guilty by any court of law.

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When the joint panel demanded for the breakdown of the menu being served the prisoners as breakfast, lunch and dinner, the CG and his team said they have the menu of what the prisoners should eat as breakfast, lunch, and dinner based on the locality they are being remanded. The CG however said they were not with the menu chart, adding that the quantity of the food and the ingredients needed to prepare it are contained in the chart.

“You mean the chart is so complicated that you will need to read a book to tell us? Oshiomhole asked while causing a stir.

Oshiomhole asked the NCS team how much it costs them to buy the quantity of the foodstuff and ingredients needed to prepare the meal of a prisoner.

Oshiomhole said, “This is a very important assignment. A lot of Nigerians under your care are innocent. They are in prisons, courtesy of big men and women who want to “teach them a lesson.”

“Many of them are there on an offence they knew nothing about. However, the system has put them under your care.

“Somebody said if Mandela was in a Nigerian prison for 27 years, he would have lost his sanity by the time he was released to govern South Africa.

“Our prisons are meant to correct the behaviours of the people. They are not condemnation centres. They are not to dehumanised.

“How can you look us eye to eye and tell us that you feed a grown up man in Nigeria with N750 a day?

“One thing that has come out is that an unconvicted Nigerian is being fed with N750 and you feed each of the dogs under your care with N800 per day.

“So, a dog is better fed in the Nigerian prison than an innocent Nigerian in your custody.

“It is a policy issue. We don’t know the intention of government to allocate more money to feed animals than to feed human beings. It is a major policy issue for us.”

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