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Closing The Book On 2023: Lessons Learned And Hopes For A Brighter Tomorrow



As the year 2023 stealthily passed by, resembling an elusive cat moving with a measured pace through the expanse of months, we navigated through both triumphs and challenges.

Glittering with moments of joy and happiness, as well as shaded by periods of darkness, we collectively experienced the dichotomy of the past months. It proved to be a year with two distinct facets—on one side, marked by significant joy, and on the other, shadowed by moments of anguish and financial hardships that touched us all.

This year witnessed devastating floods that wreaked havoc on numerous communities, leading to the tragic drowning of entire families in poorly-equipped boats in Niger State.

Additionally, it marked a seismic event in Marakesh, Morocco, as a 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck, claiming the lives of over 2,900 people. The pervasive sense of terrible news seemed omnipresent.

But as the year slowly ebbs away, let’s tidy up the year by closing up many of our books and opening up to 2024 with little or no baggage.

Amidst the widespread tragedies, this year also held moments of immense joy for some. Personally, it became the year I embraced the role of a grandmother, experiencing a joy so profound that words cannot capture. It stands as my year of immense gratitude, with the world seemingly teetering on its axis—one side marked by joy and the other by tragedy.

In 2023, subsidy removal marked a pivotal moment, prompting us to grapple with the redefined cost of fuel. During this period, we adapted by cultivating a sense of self-management and discovering innovative methods to navigate between points A and B. Our modes of transportation shifted as we chose to walk in situations where driving was once commonplace. We embraced a more intentional approach to travel, reserving it for essential purposes rather than indulging in frivolous journeys.

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But as the year slowly ebbs away, let’s tidy up the year by closing up many of our books and opening up to 2024 with little or no baggage.

Let’s take stock.

Health- How have you managed yourself? I recently spoke to persons on the cusp of retirement in Lagos. I told them that they should not eat what would impair their health. As we watch the arrival of 2024, what do you consume that would be the death of you? Cut it off today.

Job Satisfaction – Are you happy with your job? Do you have to make a move to protect your mental health? Do you have a boss who loads you up with work and drives you insane? Do you have an office that is unappreciative of your efforts?

Education of the Kids – Can you really afford to send your kids abroad for holidays? Are your kids in a school you cannot afford in Nigeria?

Relationships – Who are you with? Are you happy in your chosen relationship? Should you cut those drowning ties and simply move on and breathe the fresh air of freedom?

Self-love- It is time to look out for yourself! It is draining when you are always doing for others and not taking care of yourself. When did someone last massage your shoulder? When was the last time someone pulled your toes? Get some love for yourself, it is necessary.

As the curtain falls on 2023, now is the opportune moment to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the overall events in the year. How can you pave the way for a more promising year ahead? Identify and settle any lingering debts. Evaluate your connections and consider parting ways with those who no longer contribute positively to your life’s journey.

With 2023 winding down, it is crucial to scrutinise every aspect of your existence—faith, friendships, career, and relationships. Some elements may need to be relinquished for your personal growth.

As the dawn of 2023 approaches, treat it as a vanishing act, akin to a meteorite disappearing into the night sky, never to be witnessed again. Seize the chance to take inventory, shed unnecessary baggage, and warmly embrace the incoming year.

Good luck!

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