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Chinese Man Abandons Nigerian Lady He Got Pregnant In Sagamu After She Refused To ‘Sell’ The Baby To Him



In an ancient Nigerian town, Sagamu, a captivating tale unfolds. A Chinese expatriate, whose life became intertwined with that of a local Nigerian lady, found himself in a whirlwind of passion that led to an unexpected consequence: pregnancy.

Their love story, a fusion of cultures, ignited sparks that could light up the night sky. But destiny took a curious twist as the lady’s belly swelled with the promise of a new life. She held onto her pregnancy, determined to bring their unique creation into the world.


When the day of reckoning arrived, the baby emerged, a mesmerizing blend of two worlds. With striking physical features reminiscent of the Chinese father, the child was a living testament to their love, or maybe lust.

Yet, as fate would have it, the story takes a heartbreaking turn. The man, torn between two homelands, made a shocking decision. He offered to purchase the baby with a sum of money, a proposal the mother vehemently rejected.

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Quite sadly, he left for his distant homeland, leaving behind the woman and their extraordinary child.

As whispers of this captivating saga spread through Shagamu, hearts ache with sympathy for the abandoned mother and her one-of-a-kind baby, while questions linger about the true depths of love and the consequences of a love story that transcended borders.

A video posted online showed the mother and her child in public. A caption on the video reads:

“This young lady was impregnated by a Chinese expatriate somewhere along Sagamu Abeokuta expressway. The affair was blissful until it was time for him to return to his country; he then demanded that she ‘sell’ the baby to him, or else he wouldn’t fend for it. She declined to sell the baby, and he has decided to cut off mother and child.”

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