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BREAKING: Lawmakers Pass Bill For Growing Of Cannabis




Eaglesforesight online News has gathered in a report that on Wednesday, the Ghana’s parliament has passed a law legalising the cultivation of cannabis for industrial and health purposes.

Alban Bagbin, the speaker of the parliament, who disclosed this during the proceeding on Wednesday, said the Narcotics Control Commission Amendment Bill was approved after its third reading.

The development comes after the Supreme Court impeded the passage of the law by striking out section 43 of the law as unconstitutional.

Although, section 43 of Act 1019 stipulates that the Minister on the recommendation of the Commission may grant a licence for the cultivation of cannabis popularly referred to as ‘wee’ in Ghana.

It would not be more than 0.3 per cent THC content on a dry weight basis for industrial purposes for obtaining fibre or seed for medicinal purposes.

The passage of the bill into law opens the door for companies to obtain licenses to grow plant that has no more than 0.3 per cent tetrahydrocannabinol on a dry-weight basis, according to the provisions.

The Industrial-level cultivation of the plant can be for fibre, seed or medical use, it said.

The move would now help the West African nation grab a share of the multibillion-dollar global industry.

Aside from Uruguay, Canada and Thailand, Ghana has now joined the list of countries where production of cannabis is legal.

Omoyele Sowore advocates for legalization of cannabis in Nigeria

Meanwhile, Omoyele Sowore, the presidential candidate of the African Action Congress (AAC), has said beyond consumption, cannabis can also be used for the creation of beneficial products.

He said it could be used for the production of medicines, textiles, and concrete.

Sowore, an advocate for the legalization of marijuana, once disclosed this during a Twitter Space hosted by The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA).

The conversation themed ‘Cannabis: health or wealth’, was on whether cannabis should be legalised or not.

The presidential candidate indicated that he has never smoked cannabis in his life.

Sowore said that even if cannabis is legalized, he would not consume it because he is already “high” on justice.

“I do not consume cannabis. Never smoked cannabis in my life. Even if you legalise it, I’d probably not take it because I think I’m high on justice already. I don’t need to add any more substance to it,” Sowore said.

King Victor Nigeria Enterprises

King Victor Nigeria Enterprises

“I know all those countries that have legalised/decriminalised growing of cannabis will come and impose their products upon Nigeria whereas Nigeria has some of the best products already.”

My advocacy of legalization of Cannabis is its commercial value — Sowore Omoyele 

Eaglesforesight recalls that Omoyele Sowore once said, his mission if given the opportunity is to legalise cannabis was because of its commercial value and if the substance is exported to foreign countries, it will significantly aid in the diversification of the economy.

He said: “There are some weeds on earth, there are reasons why God created them. For example, cannabis, if you take it the right way, will increase your thinking. I am not taking it but I will legalise it. It is not that you should abuse it.’

‘In fact, the non-legalisation of cannabis is why people abuse it. There is no place you will reach in Nigeria where you won’t be able to buy cannabis if you want it.

They are selling it in the mosque, in the church. Pastors are taking it and Alfas (Islamic clerics) are also taking it.

If you want to buy good cannabis, you will get it from NDLEA (National Drug Law Enforcement Agency). If you know how much they are making from cannabis in this country, you will marvel.

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“But what we are saying is that why are you burning cannabis when your budget is N21 trillion? And you are burning cannabis worth N1.5 trillion yearly. Why can’t you sell it to those foreign countries that use it for drugs?

They need it for people suffering from arthritis or cancer. Everybody is taking cannabis, it’s just that you are not smoking it because analgesic painkillers you are taking, cannabis is there.

“There is no one that is not taking cannabis. There is someone that is taking medications or receiving injections that will not take cannabis.”

“The component that is making people high is just 3 per cent. The rest is medicine, it is money. Canada is making over $4 billion from cannabis. If Ondo, Edo, Sapele in Delta and Ekiti are exporting cannabis, they will not be requesting oil money in Abuja.”

The Eaglesforesight recalls that cannabis is illegal in Nigeria but it is grown in Nigerian states including Lagos, Edo, Delta, Osun, Oyo, and Ogun. However, Nigerians are reacting to this statement of Sowore.

Nigerians reactions on Sowore advocacy stands on legalization of Cannabis:

The Eaglesforesight captures some of their thoughts below

@DanielRegha writes: “Sowore planning to legalize weed if elected, makes no sense. Cannabis has ruined the lives of many people (especially the youths), & should remain illegal; It has a few health benefits but that doesn’t outweigh the disadvantages. The war against drugs should be taken seriously.”

@Go_Calmdown writes: “When it’s well regulated, legalizing it won’t be a problem, there are other issues Sowore need to speak about more urgent than weed.

@ogah_elias writes: “I thought this guy is a serious guy until I saw this breaking news. Sadly enough, some of the youth contesting for leadership aren’t seriously serious yet.”

@davechuka_ writes: “If na only weed be Nigeria problem .. problem no Dey atall .. there are a lot of things to be taken care of.”

@Idrisadesany18 writes: “ Weed will boost the economy and still create job opportunities.”

@limmil__ writes: “Since your knowledge about weed/cannabis industry is relatively low, kindly keep quiet, if it become legalized the government can place high tax on it, making it not really affordable then there would be cut back on its use, don’t just come here and rant rubbish always.”

@okeugosamuel2 writes: “Sowore wants to Promote weed because that’s what has taken it to where he is presently, he believes in it very much and he has hope it would take Nigerians far.”

@Ochai_el_Patron writes: “You guys keep preaching the war against cannabis but never against Tobacco or alcohol which are way more harmful than Cannabis itself. If you can show or point someone that has had a serious health issue after the consumption of pure cannabis and not synthetic then you’ve won.”

@hoduntz_fit writes: “Now tell me if it make sense to burn 1.3Trillion of Canabis yearly where your annual budget is 21trillion… Illegality of cannabis is only making some people, including the NDLEA officials richer… Why not look at the bright side?”

@RealAmarndo writes: “When Sowore talked about legalizing Cannabis. Legislative legalization is what we are talking about. Cigarettes is legal but regulated, Alcohol is legalized but regulated all the this are drugs as well. Do proper research of marijuana. Nigeria has one of the best cannabis species.”

King Victor Nigeria Enterprises

King Victor Nigeria Enterprises

@RealAmarndo writes: “We destroy trillions of Naira worth of marijuana in Nigeria mean while we go to China annually to borrow money. Do your research of medicinal benefits of marijuana. Countries are make billions of dollars from it. Marijuana oil is so good for hair that.

@smoky_rume writes: “Whether you legalize weed or not people will still use it. U can’t stop the use of weed in Nigeria. Even the politicians majority of them use it. It’s better we have the gains it will accrue to our GDP and national growth.”

@___SirDaniel writes: “I actually don’t get why of all the drugs someone can take is weed they chose. Give me some steroids that will make me superhuman not weed that will make tired and temporary happy.”

@atolani_lani writes: “That’s why he will never be a president, he doesn’t even have the quality.”

Legalization of cannabis will take Nigeria to dark days – NDLEA

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) said legalization of consumption of cannabis will take Nigeria back to it’s dark days.

Some Nigerians have been advocating for the legalisation of the drug for health and economy purposes.

But Marwa said that legalising cannabis would truncate its ongoing fight against drug abuse, stressing that such a move would also take Nigeria back to its dark days.

He revealed that 10.6 Nigerians were currently consuming cannabis, adding that legalising it would further destroy the nation.

“NDLEA rejects absolutely the call for the legalisation of cannabis; it is a choice between earning money and the importance of life

Has Nigeria Lawmakers Makes Any Attempts To Move The Motion Or Sponsor Any Bill’s In Regards To Cannabis?

The bill seeks, among others, to allow the cultivation of cannabis for recreational and medicinal use in the country suffered a setback in the House of Representatives.

The consolidated bill, sponsored by Miriam Onuoha (APC, Imo), Benjamin Kalu (APC, Abia) and Olumide Osoba (APC, Ogun) seeks to amend the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) Act to allow the cultivation of cannabis for recreational and medicinal use.

The bill also seeks to confer NDLEA the power to grant and revoke licenses for the cultivation of Cannabis (or any of its three species namely Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indicia and Cannabis Ruderalis) Plant.

Furthermore, the bill proposes that NDLEA will have the power to establish a system for the registration and licensing of cannabis growers and users and also set out a legal framework for the registration and licensing of cannabis growers and producers in Nigeria

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