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Amazing Video: Tinubu’s Ministerial Nominee Weeps During Senate Screening, See Reason



A ministerial nominee of President  Bola Ahmed Tinubu from Katsina State, Hannatu Musawa, could not control her emotions on Tuesday when she broke down in tears while appearing before the Senate for screening.

Ms Musawa, a lawyer, was among the 28 Nigerians nominated by President Bola Tinubu as ministers last Thursday.

She is currently the presidential adviser on culture and entertainment economy.
She was the ninth nominee screened by the upper chamber on Tuesday.

When she was asked to introduce herself and summarise her resume by the Senate President, Godswill Akpabio, Ms Musawa began to speak about her family background and her upbringing but, at some point, betrayed her emotion and started shedding tears.

Ms Musawa said she came from a poor family struggling to survive but that her father, Musa Musawa, a politician, ensured she got the desired Western education.

Villamond Investment: Crown Ville Estate

Villamond Investment: Crown Ville Estate

She said her father traded in Kolanut to sponsor her education before he died.

“I come from a family that struggles to make ends meet. My father sells ‘goro’ (Kolanut) to send me to school,” she said.

The nominee also told the senators that her biggest regret was that her father, who laboured for her, could not witness her nomination for the ministerial appointment despite all the hardships.

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“My greatest regret is that my father is not here to witness her daughter’s screening for a ministerial position,” she said while cleaning her eyes with a handkerchief.

The Katsina nominee said she started her political career with the Buhari Foundation in 2022.

While she sobbed and spoke, some senators chanted loudly, “It’s okay. ”

At this point, the Senate President, Godswill Akpabio, stopped her from continuing with her address.

Villamond Investment: Crown Ville Estate

Villamond Investment: Crown Ville Estate

He told her she did not need to read an address because she was “not addressing the UN.” He said she was expected just to summarise her resume.

Adamawa North senator, Elisha Abbo, interjected and sought to speak and was recognised by the senate president.

Mr Abbo commended President Bola Tinubu for nominating seven women as ministers-designate and pleaded that Ms Musawa should be allowed to go.

Kawu Sumaila (NNPP, Kano South) also supported Mr Abbo.

Mr Akpabio then put it to vote, and the senators voted in support of Ms Musawa to take a bow and go.

Ms. Hannatu Musawa

Ms. Hannatu Musawa

The Senate president subsequently ruled that the nominee should bow and step out of the Senate chamber.

Ms Musawa, a former deputy spokesperson of the APC Campaign Council, then left the Senate chamber without answering a single question.

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