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5 Months After Naira Scarcity Riots, Sagamu Local Government Not Functioning — Osinubi Calls Out Abiodun



Prince Dapo Abiodun

An All Progressive Congress, Apc, party youth member from Sagamu Local Government, Comrade Oluwafemi Osinubi otherwise known as KlickRound has written to the Ogun State Governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun in an open letter.

He made mention in his letter to call the attention of Ogun State Governor on how the delay in renovating the Local government had caused setbacks for the legislative arms of the council.

Below read his full statement:

“Your Excellency, as you are much aware that Sagamu is a commercial centre for business which is part of your plan to make Ogun State an Economic Hub State for investors to come and do business. Based on Ease of doing business, Sagamu is faced with so many challenges from political, social, infrastructure, insecurity, and education to the economy which I believe might be a setback to achieving this great vision of yours.”

King Victor Nigeria Enterprises

King Victor Nigeria Enterprises

“While efforts are being made to sort this out through various interventions from private individuals, Traditional rulers, Corporate Organisations, and religious organisations this is not enough, it is much worse than the privileges to be enjoyed by citizens and residents of Sagamu from the government through the third tier of government(Local Government Area) has now completely been paralysed.”

The next question is how?

“On the 20th of February 2023, Sagamu experienced her worst fear of economic and insecurity sabotage when over ten (10) banks were razed down. The Ibadan Electricity Distribution company too was attacked and assets vandalized by other companies the camel that broke the horse was these hoodlums visiting the Local Government secretariat razed down the Secretariat Mikano generator, Chairman’s office and all other offices in the council.”


“These have affected a lot of administrative activities like there is no Local Government Area Secretariat and you can imagine how these affect our people your Excellency.”

“The honourable Councillors also cannot meet for their plenary as they don’t have offices of their own. How will they legislate?”

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“Your visit to the Local Government for this incident on Tuesday, February 21, 2023, was like a hope for me for quick intervention as a citizen and also a party member but I am seriously saddened that nothing has been done about it to date.”

“With over fifty million naira (N50 million) required to put up the Local Government Area to her shape with almost one million people is something that should be looked into as soon as possible.”

“This is outside even the road that leads to the council secretariat itself that’s in a very deplorable state which you promised to look into in your campaign tour at the last Local Government Election in 2021.”

“Your Excellency, this open letter of concern and intervention is borne out of the government for our government and your administration to succeed.”

King Victor Nigeria Enterprises

King Victor Nigeria Enterprises

“I understand there is so much to be done as you want your impact felt in all other areas and local government Areas of this state but please place top priority on Sagamu as this is affecting us in many areas beyond what you could ever think sir.”

“This is Five(5) months now, and I believe your Excellency will be kind to look into this with the leadership of the Local Government Area to help bring back of Local Government secretariat and every other thing needed for her to achieve optimal results based on your dream for our State.”

Thank you and God bless your Excellency.

Comrade Oluwafemi Osinubi(KlickRound)
Concerned Sagamu Citizen and APC member.

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