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$11.5bn: Tinubu Shines Over Victory Against P&ID, Activist Sues Him For Patriotism Among Citizens



Hamza Lawal, a notable anti-corruption crusader hails President Bola Ahmed Tinubu over victory against P&ID, emphasised that the victory was for Nigeria, the African continent, and the developing world.

Following Nigeria’s legal victory over the P&ID, CEO of Connected Development, Hamzat Lawal, has hailed President Bola Tinubu’s leadership and commitment to defending Nigeria’s financial interest.

Lawal, in a statement sent to Newsmen on Monday, said the victory at the Business and Property Court in London, where a $11.5 billion (USD) award and accumulated interest previously granted to Process & Industrial Development (P&ID) Limited Against Nigeria, was dismissed, said the development ”represents a monumental achievement in Nigeria’s legal history.”

”President Tinubu’s unwavering dedication to safeguarding Nigeria’s resources and economic stability has been a defining factor in the successful outcome of this complex legal battle.

”The judgment delivered by Judge Robin Knowles underscores the administration’s commitment to justice and fairness,” he added in the statement.

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Hamza Lawal, a notable anti-corruption crusader, emphasised that the victory was for Nigeria, the African continent, and the developing world.

“It sends a powerful message that unjust economic conspiracies aimed at exploiting and burdening developing nations will no longer be tolerated,” he noted.

Lawal further urged Nigerians to embrace patriotism as a driving force behind Nigeria’s collective progress.

”Love and loyalty to one’s country are essential to unity and growth. Patriotism is the driving force behind our collective progress as a nation. It is a commitment to the well-being of our fellow citizens and the welfare of our nation as a whole,” he noted.

He acknowledged the efforts of Nigeria’s legal defence team at the British Court, while also commending the Federal Ministry of Justice and the Office of the Attorney-General of the Federation for securing the historic legal victory.

“As Nigeria celebrates this significant milestone, it is a reminder of the importance of justice, fairness, and unity in our nation’s journey. I call on all Nigerians to work together in building a brighter future for our country,” he stated.

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