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10th OGHA: Ifo II State Assembly Constituency Representative, Hon. Folawewo Salami Full Inaugural Speech



Hon. Folawewo Salami representing OGHA State Assembly Constituency

Yesterday, at the plenary session following a two-week recess, I had the privilege of delivering my inaugural speech.

My address centered on the crucial measures that need to be undertaken during this legislative session to drive progress and positive change.

Below is an excerpt for your reading pleasure:


Mr. Speaker and esteemed colleagues, today, I stand before you as the newly sworn-in representative of the cosmopolitan Ifo II State Constituency, one of the largest constituencies with enlightened residents of diverse interests, that shares border with our neighboring Lagos State.

King Victor Nigeria Enterprises

King Victor Nigeria Enterprises

Sir, topmost on my agenda is active constituency/stakeholders’ engagement, sponsorship, and co-sponsoring of developmental legislation. Dear colleagues, I seek your kind support towards ensuring that the voices of our constituents are heard, and their concerns are addressed through legislation that reflects their needs and aspirations.

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Dear Colleague-lawmakers, I shall bring to bear my experience as a former Local Government Chairman of the Ifo Local Government, likewise my finance and accounting knowledge. This knowledge will guide me in the discharge of my legislative duties, including the appropriation of public funds, law-making, oversight of MDAs, and other quasi-judicial functions. In all, I shall be committed to upholding transparency, accountability, and the highest standards of ethical conduct in all my actions as a worthy member of this Hallowed Chambers.

Mr. Speaker, it is my hope that the Tenth Assembly, under your distinguished leadership, will hold regular engagements with Heads of MDAs. No doubt, these interactions will provide us with firsthand information on government programs and policies, from their conceptualization to implementation stages.

This informational knowledge will enable us to make well-informed decisions and effectively represent the interests of our constituents with a view to attracting more developmental projects to Ifo II State Constituency.

Distinguished colleagues, I look forward to working assiduously with each and every one of you. Together, let us serve as beacons of progress and agents of positive change for the people we represent. I also extend my heartfelt appreciation to the entire staff of this Assembly. Your expertise and commitment are vital to the success of this legislative institution. Together, we will elevate this institution to its well-deserved pride of place.

King Victor Nigeria Enterprises

King Victor Nigeria Enterprises

I acknowledge the challenging and demanding task that lies ahead of us all in this Tenth Legislature. However, I am optimistic and therefore look forward to a legislative session that prioritizes improved capacity development, through training for both lawmakers and staff.

Mr. Speaker Sir, it is essential that we equip ourselves with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively serve our constituents. Providing holistic support and making informed decisions for the ISEYA Cardinal program of the present administration requires being updated with global legislative practices and trends.

In conclusion, let us remember that we have been entrusted with the responsibility to bring about positive change in the lives of our constituents. By embracing the principles of justice, fairness, and inclusivity, we can foster development, progress, and prosperity for all.

May our actions be guided by wisdom, integrity, and the desire to serve our people selflessly. Thank you, and may this journey be filled with success and fulfillment for all of us.

Hon. Folawewo Fatiu Salami,
Member, representing Ifo II State Constituency, OGHA
11th July 2023

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