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The Kingdom Of Warri: There’s No Other Authority Bigger Than That Of The King In Warri Kingdom



This is a response to those who said Mr Ayiri is still the ologbotsere and won’t agree or submit, according to a source from our investigation.

“In Warri kingdom, to be conferred with a chieftaincy title, is a very rare privilege. The honour and pride of being chosen by an Olu for chieftaincy title can not be expressed in words. There are various individual qualities that one must possess before he/she can become a chief in the ancient kingdom. The most important quality is credibility and patriotism of the individual for the development of the tribe. Those who are found worthy usually pass through many vigorous traditional screening processes like gold passing through a fire furnace. This process is responsible for the very high level of moral respect the chiefs command through their words, public conducts and traditional activities.”

“Ayiri Emami, who had been invited for his chieftaincy revalidation. Before the assembly, beads and sword that symbolically confer chieftaincy authority were submitted as the first part of the process after which a title once held by his late father Chief Akonu Emami was offered to Ayiri Emami, an offer he respectfully declined with the assembly as witness.”

“Ayiri Emami was first in 2021 was invited for revalidation which he turned down then until recently the king and mr ayiri settled their differences when ayiri came for reaffirmation the king told him you need to climb up again so the king wanted to give him his fathers title which is Eyeku of Warri kingdom but ayiri pleaded for ologbotsere and the king said he will need to start from there but Mr Ayiri refused and the king asked him to sit with the congress but he left the palace the king moved forward to give chief Eyewuoma ologbotsere who was also one of the candidates contesting for the title of ologbotsere in 2017 before it was given to ayiri then by Olu Ikenwoli.”

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“Mr Ayiri position on becoming a prime minister no longer exist there are some saying he brought fake beads and fake uda that he still remains ologbotsere I want you to ignore them the last person to hold the title was Chief Rewane and Chief Rewane didn’t give his beads and uda to Mr Ayiri Emami new beads and new uda doesn’t mean anything it is the proclamation of the king that makes you a chief in Warri kingdom.”

“The King is called Áfọmàsín, Áfọwẹrẹ-tséwẹrẹ! And his words are final he holds the authority to promote you as a chief or demote you he has the power to strip you of ever becoming a chief.”

“The King Has Spoken God Bless His Majesty Ogiame Atuwatse III the Olu of Warri kingdom; Oba Omi, Oba Oke.”




À tsé ùrún ùbẹrù má bẹrù!





Ódìhí N’amẹ!

Oba N’Ame!



Ogiame suoooo!!!

Source Culled From Olu of Warri Twitter.

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