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APC Group Urged Party To Expel Smart Adeyemi



A political group, Ijumu All Progressive Congress (APC) Progressive Minds has called on the APC in Ijumu local government area to immediately commence expulsion proceedings against Senator Smart Adeyemi as he has become ‘cancerous’ to the party.

APC stalwart and president of the group, Comrade Kamaldeen Toyin made the call yesterday while addressing newsmen at the press centre of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) in Lokoja.

He said it has become imperative to address the press to set the record straight in the face of misinformation circulated by the ‘thoroughly’ defeated Sen. Smart Adeyemi.

Toyin added that Friday 14th of April, 2023 primary election offered them the opportunity to show the senator his scorecard.

He said, “As a people, we are not surprised that Senator Smart Adeyemi is attacking Governor Yahaya Bello today. It is his character to repay good with evil. He has made every of his helper regret their benevolence.

“After his ill-fated failure in the 2015 election where he was washed away by the Buhari hurricane: it was the governor that rehabilitated the political destitute called Smart Adeyemi and brought his political career back to life. We warned the governor then about our son that he is a snake, that no matter how good you are to him, he will bite you. That is exactly what Senator Smart Adeyemi is doing now.”

“The reason the governor have for supporting Senator Smart Adeyemi in 2019 was to push him for the Senate Presidency. It was a selfless agenda to position Kogi State strategically for development.

“Friday APC governorship primary was the fairest and the freest ever. We commend Governor Bello Matawalle and his team for the standard process which was devoid of rancour and violence as the financial members of the party expressed their power and right to nominate the candidate of their choice.

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“Adeyemi’s desperate attempt to fault the process was borne out of his desperation to work with certain elements whose satanic agenda is to ensure our dear party is unable to stand for the November 11 governorship poll in the state. With the successful conduct of the governorship primary, their aim has been declared offside and defeated.

“As witnessed in all the parts of the state, financial members came out en masse in Ijumu to vote according to the dictates of their conscience. Smart Adeyemi, despite being from Ijumu local government area, lost woefully to Ahmed Usman Ododo. It was a referendum performance on his third term. It is therefore not expected that the fairly beaten child is crying.

“We wish to call on the leadership of our party to investigate how non-members of the APC were hurriedly given membership cards strongly suspected to be fake. They could give fake cards, but they couldn’t fabricate payment of dues for them. It is therefore ludicrous to display wanton desperation and falsehood that the process was faulty,” he said.

He added that before the primary, Senator Smart Adeyemi’s only joker was ethnicity and claims that he is fighting for ‘justice and fairness’. He noted that Adeyemi did not remember justice and fairness when in 2015, after spending two terms in the Senate, he refused to allow the seat to rotate to Yagba.

“In 2023, he wanted to go for his 4th term, when Yagba federal constituency had not produced a senator. To him, such was just and fair. To Smart Adeyemi, it can only be considered fair when he wins. Loss means injustice to him. As members of the party in Ijumu local government area, we commend the governor for allowing a level playground for all the contestants. That process has produced the best candidate and we are confident of victory in November,” he said.

He therefore called on the APC in Ijumu council to immediately commence the expulsion proceedings against Adeyemi as he had become a drainpipe to the party.

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